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Employment Support

Community Participation (CP) – Volunteer Placement Program

“Can’t get a job without experience? Can’t get experience without a job?”

Sometimes Ontario Works (OW) participants find gaps in their employment, or barriers which make it hard to find a job. Volunteer placements are great for clients who need some additional skills and experience to become job ready.

The CP - Volunteer Placement Program matches appropriate participants with volunteer placement opportunities in not-for-profit community agencies. Consultants help find a volunteer opportunity, which allows OW participants to gain skills and experience for the workplace. Consultants also work with community agencies to assist with meeting their volunteer needs.

Services for Participants

  • Goal setting to help determine volunteer and employment goals.
  • Resume development, marketed to the volunteer field.
  • Assistance finding a volunteer placement in the community or placement with a partner agency.
  • Volunteer placements of up to 70 hours per month, up to six months in length.
  • Opportunity to participate in short-term special events.
  • Provide ongoing support while in your volunteer placement.
  • Support with the expenses associated with volunteering.
  • Obtain current references, network with employers and build your resume.

Services for Not-for-Profit Community Agencies

  • Screening and placement for available volunteer positions.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or private insurance coverage for your volunteer while in a placement.
  • Assistance finding volunteers for short-term placements and special events, such as call centres and fundraisers.
  • Volunteers can be replaced or rotated as required.
  • Experienced matching for your volunteer needs.