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Partner Assault Response Program

PAR Group Sessions

Male participants

Attend their first group session during the same week as their intake assessment. In order to complete the program, clients must attend one, two-hour session per week for 12 weeks. Attending more than one session per week is not permitted.

Female participants

Begin their sessions the first Monday following the Wednesday intake assessment. Female groups are every Monday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Female participants are required to attend six, four-hour sessions in total, which is equivalent to 12 sessions.

Program completion

Throughout the program, the group facilitators will assess/review the client’s participation and application of learning. During the final group session, participants are required to “check out” by describing what they have learned from the program, and how they are applying what they have learned. Also, at the final group session, all homework assignments are returned to the facilitator, and all fees must be up-to-date (cash or debit).

The facilitator will use this information to determine if the participant has, or has not, met the requirements of the program. A final report will be faxed to the referral source only. The participant can review their results with the agency who referred them to the program.