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Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Assistance

What is rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance?

Rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance is commonly called subsidized housing. People who are eligible for RGI assistance pay reduced rent that is roughly equal to 30 per cent of their total gross household income.

Applying for RGI assistance

To apply for RGI assistance, you must complete an application form (PDF) and return it with proof of status in Canada to the Durham Access to Social Housing.

If you are eligible for RGI assistance, your name will be placed on the centralized waiting list for subsidized housing. Please remember that you can be on the waiting list for several years before a unit is offered to you.

Eligibility for RGI assistance

You may be eligible for RGI assistance if you are able to live independently with or without support services, and:

  • You have at least one person in your household who is 16 years old.
  • All members of your household have legal status in Canada, have applied for legal status in Canada or are refugee claimants.
  • No member of your household is under a removal order to leave Canada.
  • No member of your household owes money to any social housing provider or the Region of Durham, unless there is a satisfactory repayment agreement in place.
  • No member of your household has been convicted of an offence in relation to RGI assistance, or found by a court of law, the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal or the Landlord and Tenant Board to have misrepresented their income for the purpose of RGI assistance.
  • Your total household assets are within the allowable limits.
  • Your total gross household income is within the allowable limits.

Asset limits

Your total household assets cannot be more than $50,000 for single people and $75,000 for families.

Some assets are not considered. These include personal items, such as clothing and furniture, vehicles, RRSPs, Retirement Income Funds, Life Income Funds, life annuities, and assets as a result of pain and suffering awards.

Income Limits

Your total gross household income cannot be more than:

  • $37,000 if you are applying for a one bedroom or bachelor unit.
  • $42,000 if you are applying for a two bedroom unit.
  • $49,000 if you are applying for a three bedroom unit.
  • $59,500 if you are applying for a four or five bedroom unit.

(Note: Bedroom sizes refer to the largest unit for which your household is eligible to receive RGI assistance.)

Occupancy standards

There are rules about the size of unit (number of bedrooms) that you can live in if you are eligible for RGI assistance. The largest unit is not normally more than one bedroom per person; spouses and same-sex partners are expected to share. The smallest unit is one bedroom for every two people.

An additional bedroom may be approved if spouses are unable to share a room, as a result of a disability or medical condition; if it is required to accommodate extensive medical or disability related equipment; or if a disabled person is actively looking for a roommate to share accommodation and to provide support.