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Housing and Homelessness

Information Sheet
Quarterly Reporting Reviews For Staff of Housing Providers

  • In accordance with subsection 50(13) of Ontario Regulation 298/01 of the Social Housing Reform Act, the service manager may determine and use average monthly income in the calculation of rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance.

  • The Region of Durham is introducing Quarterly Reporting Reviews to standardize income averaging and to ensure that RGI calculations are performed consistently by all housing providers.

  • Quarterly Reporting Reviews are a means of both reporting income and determining a monthly average for fluctuating income. These reviews replace all current methods used by housing providers to average income.

    RGI households with regular but fluctuating earnings are required to report fluctuating earnings every three months by means of a Quarterly Reporting Statement (QRS). These households may include:
    • Employees who are paid at an hourly rate and who do not work the same number of hours from week to week
    • Salaried employees who receive frequent bonuses or gratuities
    • Temporary employees that work regularly with the same or different employer

  • Households with only fixed income (e.g. Old Age Security), Ontario Works/ODSP households with non-benefit income well below threshold, and seasonal employees that do not have earnings in the off season are not required to complete Quarterly Reporting Reviews.

  • Quarterly reporting periods will begin on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the third month. The QRS and verification of earnings received during this period are due on the first day of the month following the end of the quarterly reporting period.

  • Housing providers will estimate earnings for the first quarterly reporting period. Estimates will generally be based on actual verified earnings and should reflect the earnings that are likely to be received by the household over the next three months.

  • Each quarter, the housing provider will review the QRS, verify the income, re-determine the average amount of earnings and recalculate RGI as required.
    • All payments must be verified
    • Average earnings are determined by totalling all payments received during the quarterly reporting period, dividing by the number of pay weeks in the period, and multiplying by 4.333
    • Fixed income, imputed income and interest income amounts are not adjusted

  • RGI changes as a result of a Quarterly Reporting Review are implemented as follows:
    • All RGI decreases take effect on the first day of the month following the due date for the QRS
    • RGI increases of $10 or more take effect on the first day of the second month following the due date for the QRS
    • RGI increases of less than $10 are not implemented

  • Households with fluctuating earnings will not normally have their rent re-calculated midway through the quarterly reporting period unless there has been:
    • A change to a fixed income source; or
    • A significant and permanent change to the fluctuating earnings part way through the quarterly reporting period

  • If RGI is adjusted mid-way through the quarterly reporting period because of a change to a fixed income source, the average earnings are not adjusted.

  • In order to avoid multiple changes, housing providers will make all attempts to synchronize changes as a result of the annual review with the nearest quarterly reporting change.