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Housing and Homelessness

2002 Update to Community Plan for Homelessness in Durham

With the support of the Durham Advisory Committee on Homelessness, a survey was undertaken by Housing Services staff in August 2002. The survey evaluated the effectiveness of the Community Plan and made recommendations for the future provision of services to people who are homeless.

More than 75 written surveys were mailed to community service agencies, government offices, faith organizations and other groups providing support to people who are homeless. Thirty-four were completed and returned. In addition, focus groups were held in Oshawa, Ajax and Uxbridge to gather input from people using homelessness services.

Priority areas for funding remained relatively unchanged from the original areas identified in the 2001 consultation. In order of priority, the areas were:

  • Emergency shelter spaces
  • Transitional and supportive housing
  • Outreach services linking homeless people with resources
  • Supportive health and employment services
  • Homelessness prevention strategies
  • Multi-service centres
  • Other activities to form part of a "Continuum of Supports" approach
  • Initiatives to strengthen capacity of community organizations

At this time there is no significant change in the priorities that were identified in the 2001 Community Plan for Homelessness in Durham.