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Ontario Works Legislation (laws)

The Ontario Works Act and Regulations are available to the public at Current consolidated laws, the Act and the Regulations, are available by “clicking” on “Current Consolidated Law” in the left hand column, clicking on “O,” and selecting Ontario Works Act. The Regulation used in conjunction with the Act to determine eligibility is O. Reg. 134/98.

To ensure the correct law is being researched, (i.e., decisions regarding eligibility for Ontario Works are based on the laws in effect on that particular date) a person would “click” on “Period in time Law” in the left hand column, click on “Browse Period in time law,” click on “Period in Time Regulations,” click on “O,” click on the “+” sign beside “Ontario Works Act, 1997, O. Reg. 134/98” and select the appropriate time period when the decision was made.