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Ontario Works Mandatory Benefits Chart

Note: All mandatory benefits are legislated by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. They are subject to change at any time.



Advance (Up-Front) Child Care

If you are on Ontario Works and begin employment, you may have childcare costs before your first pay. You may be eligible to have these costs covered up to the actual cost for licensed care and a maximum of $600 for unlicensed.

Dental Card for Dependents under 18 years

For basic dental care.

Changes to Dental Benefits for Children and Youth effective January 2016

Diabetic Supplies

Must have a doctor’s prescription stating the requirements. Includes alcohol swabs, syringes, and lancets and may include blood glucose monitors. Test strips are covered under the Drug Card.

Drug Card

Issued for all family members listed on the monthly cheque. Covers medications listed under the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan.

Extended Health Benefit (EHB)

If you are no longer eligible for assistance due to income (e.g. CPP, OAS, etc), you may still be eligible for extended health benefits (e.g. prescription or other health related costs). You must have been on assistance the month prior to applying for this benefit.

Extended Employment Health Benefit (EEHB)

Issued to recipients who leave Ontario Works due to earnings. Drug Card may be issued for a period of up to 6 months after leaving Ontario Works due to employment income.

Employment Related Expenses (ERE)

This benefit is available to cover costs related to finding a job.

Full-Time Employment Benefit (FTEB)

If you have been on assistance for at least three months and you find full time work (over 30 hours per week), you may be eligible for this benefit. You can receive up to $500 maximum for work start-up costs. Confirmation of employment is required.

Employment Start-Up Benefit (ESUB)

If you are starting part-time employment, your hours of work have increased or you have started an employment related activity, you may be eligible for this benefit up to a maximum of $253.

Guide Dog Benefit

If you are on Ontario Works and have a registered guide dog, your monthly costs may be covered for up to $64/month.

Medical Travel and Transportation

For medical appointments, therapy (including AA and NA meetings), etc. Your transportation costs may be paid at $0.40/Km or actual costs of public transportation. Verification is required.

Surgical Supplies

You may be eligible for this benefit if you are being treated at home after surgery.

Transition Child Benefit

Parents on social assistance who do not get the maximum OCB and maximum National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS) will be eligible for the Transition Child Benefit. A maximum of $213 may be issued for each child under the age of 18, if eligible.

Vision Care (Glasses)

Dependent children (under 18 years of age) listed on your Ontario Works cheque are eligible for the purchase and repair of frames and lenses. Adults may be covered under Discretionary Benefits.