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Construction and your business

Construction sign that states Businesses OpenConstruction is necessary for a growing municipality and as infrastructure ages, roads, water and sewer systems must be replaced.

If infrastructure near your business has been identified for upcoming construction there are a few things you can do to make the work less disruptive on your business. While the end result of construction projects is improved, reliable roads, water and sewer systems, the Region recognizes there may be potential impacts during the work.

This is an overview of what businesses can expect during construction, and some tips on how to minimize inconvenience on your business.

Types of construction work

Construction projects may involve a variety of infrastructure projects and roadwork. Durham Region is responsible for the installation and maintenance of underground water and sewer systems, as well as Regional roads. To minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses, the Region often schedules water and sewer projects to coincide with roadwork. This means that construction may be required to facilitate underground watermain and/or sewermain repairs and upgrades, and may also include the re-paving or widening of a street.

To learn about an upcoming construction project near your business, visit Public Works Projects and search by project location. Here, you will find information such as project details and contact information for the Project Supervisor.


The Region will make every effort to let businesses know of upcoming roadwork as early as possible. Once construction schedules are finalized, Durham Region uses many communications channels to notify businesses and residents about the project. These channels may include:

If transit needs to be re-routed, additional communications are posted in bus shelters and online.

What to expect during construction

During the course of construction work, a Project Supervisor from the Durham Region Works Department is assigned to the project. This individual is available to answer questions and help resolve any issues.

The Region will try to minimize disruptions. However, you should expect noise, vibrations and dust during the course of the work. Depending on the project, there may be water supply interruptions. You will be notified in advance of any water supply disruptions. When possible, any disruptions will be scheduled around business hours. Please speak with the Region’s Project Supervisor if a water interruption will affect your business.

Throughout construction, Durham Region will keep residents and businesses informed about the project through ongoing communications such as newsletters, social media, website updates and signage. Our crews will work to complete the project as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

What you can do

As a business owner, there are many steps you can take to help reduce the impact of construction.

Stay informed and connected with Durham Region

  • Attend public meetings during the planning/design phase of projects.
  • Follow the Region of Durham on Facebook and Twitter –we'll be posting construction details you can share with your customers.
  • Set up a line of communication with the Project Supervisor; ensure they are informed of any special requirements of your business (e.g. hours of operation; vehicle access for vendor deliveries; utility requirements; water supply requirements).

Utilize networks and business groups

  • Get in touch with your local business improvement area (BIA), board of trade or chamber of commerce, who may be able to offer tips for working through construction.
  • Consider reaching out to neighbouring businesses within the construction zone, to create a group business strategy. It may be easier to reach your clients by working together and pooling resources.

Communicate with your customers, staff and vendors

  • Consider holding special events during construction to promote your business.
  • Use posters, social media, flyers and your website to inform your customers of the best way to do business with you during construction.
  • Ensure vendors and suppliers are informed of detours and try to schedule shipments at non-peak traffic hours, where possible.
  • Ensure your employees are informed about the upcoming construction project; let them know they may need to use detours or park in alternate locations. Transit stops may also be affected.
  • After construction is complete, reach out to your customers and vendors, invite them to visit and see the results.