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Environment's Conditions

In September 2006, a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment study was submitted to the MOE for expanding the Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) to rated capacity of 630 MLD, referred to as the Stage 3 plant expansion. Following the filing of the Schedule C Environmental Study Report, three Part II Order requests were submitted to the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), requesting the Regions prepare an Individual Environmental Assessment (IEA) for this planned Duffin Creek WPCP expansion.

After reviewing the Part II Order requests, the MOE made the decision that an IEA was not required. While, the MOE did not grant the request, conditions were imposed on the project. Some of those conditions related to the outfall, and are as follows:

Condition 7:
The Regions shall initiate the environmental assessment activity required to address the limitations in the existing outfall/diffuser within six (6) weeks of obtaining all necessary approvals for the Stage 3 plant expansion.

Condition 8:
The Regions shall notify the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch and the Regional Director, Central Region, Ministry of the Environment when the Notice of Commencement has been issued, outlining the timelines associated with the completion of all technical studies necessary to carry out the environmental assessment activity.

Condition 9:
The Regions shall commence construction of the preferred outcome of the outfall/diffuser within one (1) year of obtaining the necessary approvals.

Condition 10:
The Regions shall not operate the Duffin Creek WPCP at a rated capacity above 520 million litres per day (MLD).

Condition 11:
Notwithstanding condition 10, the Regions may operate the Duffin Creek WPCP at a rated capacity up to 540 MLD if the Regional Director, Central Region, Ministry of the Environment, is satisfied that the effluent limits imposed in the sewage works Certificate of Approval (including the total phosphorous loading limits) can still be met, adequate reason is provided as to why the preferred solution to address the limitations of the outfall/diffuser has not yet been implemented and provides written consent.

Condition 12:
No approval to operate the Duffin Creek WPCP above 540 MLD shall be granted until the Regions have implemented a preferred alternative to address the outfall/diffuser limitations associated with the Project, and Conditions 10 and 11 shall cease to apply at that time.

Condition 13:
The Regions shall submit an annual report to the Director, Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch, providing clear statements on expected completion dates for each stage of the environmental assessment and indicate when and describing how the above conditions are being fulfilled.