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Moving Application


Permits can be obtained from 605 Rossland Rd., Whitby, or at any Regional Depot. An electronic version of the Road Occupancy/Moving Application (PDF) is available in PDF format.

Application can be made by email, fax 905-668-2051, or by office visit. Applicants are required to obtain all locates for their work.

Application for Moving Permit

The Region may require that the applicant provide police and private escorts a minimum of 3 working days is required for moves over 4.6m in height.

The applicant for moving permits is required to notify all affected utilities of their move. If the move involves more than one vehicle, Permit may be photocopied for additional vehicles.

Commonly, the moves are not allowed to take place during peak traffic volume periods on normal workdays; e.g. 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Moving Permit Costs

Single Trip Permit


Annual Permit


Project Permit


After a permit application has been reviewed and a permit is ready to be issued, a Regional employee will contact the applicant to obtain credit information, in order to process payment. Additionally, payment for a permit can be made in person with a credit card, or cheque.

Moving (Oversized or Overweight Loads)

For a more detailed list of requirements and conditions, please refer to the Ministry of Transportation link "A Guide to Oversize/Overweight Vehicles and Loads in Ontario"

Maximum Width

Required Permits

Up to 2.6m

No permit required

For widths from 2.61m to 3.99m

Permit required, no escort required.

From 4.00m to 4.99m

1 escort vehicle required on multi-lane highways.

From 4.00m to 4.59m

1 escort vehicle required on two lane highways.

From 4.6m to 4.99m

2 escort vehicle required on two lane highways.

5.0m and greater

Minimum of Two Police Escorts vehicles are required.

Overall Length

Required Permits

Up to 23m

No permit required

For lengths from 23.01m to 36.75m

Permit required, no escort required.

From 36.76m to 45.74m

1 escort vehicle required

45.75m and greater

Minimum of Two Police Escorts vehicles are required


Required Permits

Up to 4.15m

No permit required.

For heights from 4.16m to 4.86m

Permit required, no escort required.

4.87m and greater

1 escort vehicle required

Overall Weight

Recorded weight shall be for the load and transporting vehicle combined. A permit is required if the axle and/or gross weight exceeds the limits set out in the HTA.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Region of Durham Works Department
605 Rossland Rd. E.
Whitby, ON   L1N 6A3
Phone: 905-668-7711
Toll Free: 1-800-372-1103
Fax: 905-668-2051