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What is ITS?

ITS is an acronym for "Intelligent Transportation Systems", representing the application of advanced and emerging technologies (computers, sensors, control, communications, and electronic devices) in transportation to save lives, time, money, energy and the environment. (Source: ITS Canada )

These systems are referred to as "intelligent" because the technologies used share many of the attributes that we associate with intelligence in people. They incorporate sensory capabilities, memory, communications, information processing and adaptive behaviour and are designed to improve the movement of people and goods. ITS solutions benefit transportation in Ontario and across Canada by making our transportation systems safer; the movement of people and goods more cost effective, efficient, and reliable; and serve as an environmentally-friendly option that does not necessarily require physical changes to existing infrastructure. ITS solutions can also lead to commercial and industrial opportunities by improving our global competitiveness.

Examples of Successful ITS Solutions

Potential ITS solutions that could improve the safety and efficiency of our transportation system include:

  • Traffic management systems
  • Traveller information systems
  • Electronic transit fare collection

Some ITS solutions can already be found in the Region of Durham. For example:

Communication (conduit installation)

Data Collection (tube counter)

Traffic Signal Control (video detection)

Interested in learning more about ITS?

Visit the MTO Intelligent Transportation Systems branch website, the Transport Canada ITS website, or the ITS Canada website.