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Apartment and Townhouse Recycling program

Apartment and townhouse recycling

Sort it, bag it, recycle it!

More than 22,000 residential units are serviced by the Region of Durham's weekly Multi-Residential Recycling program. Multi-residential units represent approximately 13 per cent of the overall residential households within the region.

Each serviced apartment building or townhouse complex is supplied with either recycling carts or in some instances slotted recycle bins for cardboard. Each residential unit within the building or complex is provided with a reusable recycling bag to help store, transport and deposit recyclable material in the designated recycling carts/bins as well as educational materials to help them understand the recycling program.

New residents to the Region of Durham are encouraged to participate in the Region's recycling program wherever available.

However, not all multi-residential buildings participate in the Region's recycling program. At some locations, waste collection services are provided privately by the property owner or property management.

Contact your property manager or superintendent for information on the program and to receive the tools that you will need to participate.

Apartment and Townhouse Collection Locations