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Mercury-containing thermostats may be used in heating and cooling systems in residential, medical, commercial and industrial settings.  Thermostats are typically mounted on walls, usually at chest height. Most non-digital thermostats contain mercury. Thermostats that contain mercury can usually be identified by carefully removing the front plate of the device and visually inspecting the uncovered components. If there are glass vials inside that contain a silver liquid, assume that it is mercury.

Thermostat Thermostat

Each vial generally contains 3 grams of mercury. There may be one to six vials in a thermostat.

Alternatives to these thermostats include programmable mercury-free electronic thermostats. A programmable thermostat automatically sets back temperature in a room or building according to a predetermined schedule. Mercury containing thermostats can normally be replaced by electronic alternatives that can result in energy savings.

Do not remove the vials from the thermostat bring in the entire unit. The whole thermostat will be recycled.

All of the thermostats that are collected from our waste management facilities will be sent to Switch the 'Stat Program.