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Used Tires Program

Used tires

The “Used Tires program” is a province-wide initiative to collect and recycle used on-road and off-road tires in Ontario.  The program will clean up existing stock-piles of used or scrap tires and prevent new stockpiles from being created.

The Used Tires program, launched on Sept. 1, 2009, is operated by the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), and is funded by the tire industry.  The program covers the collection, transportation and recycling of all used tires including those of cars, commercial trucks and off-road vehicles.

With the Used Tires Program handling over 12 million tires sold in Ontario annually, Ontarians have a few more reasons to feel good about purchasing their next tires knowing that their old tires are going to be managed in an environmentally responsible and economically sound manner. The Used Tires program will divert used and/or scrap tires from burning or landfill for reuse and recycling.

As of Dec. 1, you can dispose of all used or scrap tires at the Region’s waste management facilities. There is no cost to you if you are dropping off tires only.

For more information and to learn more about the Ontario Tire Stewardship program and the recycling of tires, please visit

What is the difference between used and scrap tires?

Used tires are removed from a vehicle, still have life as tires, and can be sold for reuse. Scrap tires no longer have life as tires and are destined for recycling into tire-related products. As of Sept. 1, 2009, used and scrap tires will be managed by Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS).

Where do I take my used tires?

Used tires can be taken to any of the Durham Region's waste management facilities in Brock, Oshawa and Port Perry. There are also registered collection locations that accept tires for free as well. For locations, see the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) website, or call 1-888-687-2202.

Does it cost me anything to drop off tires?

No, there is no cost to you if you use Durham Region's waste management facilities and if you bring tires only. You can also bring them to a registered collection location. Registered collection locations are obligated to accept up to four used tires per person without charge or purchase. See the OTS website to find a location in your area.

How do I handle a large quantity of tires?

If you have a large quantity (for example fifty or more), contact Ontario Tire Stewardship directly at 1-888-687-2202 to arrange a free pickup. Tires must be accessible and free of debris, water or ice.

Which tires are included in the program?

All on-road and off-road vehicle tires are included in the program. This includes passenger cars, RVs and trailers, small utility, free rolling farm, medium truck, bicycles or motorcycles, agricultural drive and logger skidders, forklifts, tractors, construction equipment, ATVs and golf carts.

Where do the used tires go?

Your tires will find a new life through Ontario-based scrap tire processors and manufacturers in products for home, commercial and industrial uses, from playgrounds and hockey rinks to rubber automotive parts.

What are the benefits of recycling used tires?

  • Environmental: Responsible management of used tires will eliminate the unauthorized disposal of scrap tires and promote safer methods of reusing and recycling scrap tires into green products such as playground surfaces or patio tiles.
  • Economic Growth: The Used Tires program will create jobs and ensure economic growth by injecting over $23 million in scrap tire recycling - in the first year alone.
  • Innovation: Funding for research and development of scrap tire management options to create new processes and markets for recycled rubber products within Ontario. A planet-friendly plan to recycle scrap tires in Ontario.