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Drinking Water Quality

Drinking water quality is monitored extensively at each stage of the water treatment process in order for plant operators to make any necessary process change.  In-plant samples are collected and tested on site throughout the day by licensed operators.  On-line analyzers monitor the process continuously.

Bacteriological sampling is performed on the raw water entering the drinking-water treatment facility; treated water leaving the facility; and throughout the distribution system.  These samples are analyzed by the York-Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory located in Pickering.  This is an accredited laboratory.  The accreditation, which recognizes the high quality standards met by the York-Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory, include an on-site bi-annual audit by the Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL) in addition to two annual inspections conducted by the MOE.

Organic and inorganic parameters are analyzed on samples collected from the raw and treated water, and in the distribution systems by the York-Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory.