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Water meter installation and water filtration sales representatives

The Regional Municipality of Durham has been notified by concerned residents of an issue involving individuals falsely representing themselves as water meter installers, attempting to gain access into homes by claiming that they need to examine water meters.

Water being poured

Some of these individuals make false or misleading statements about water quality and/or the mandatory replacement of water meters. They may imply that they are working for the Region of Durham. They ask to conduct an in-house water test or to examine the water meter inside the house, while making false claims that the water testing/meter inspection is mandatory. If someone shows up at your door, remember the following to protect yourself from scams:

  • Ask for ID! (All Regional employees carry photo ID)
  • Did you request this house call? (Regional staff will not visit without a prior appointment when replacing or upgrading water meters.)
  • Call the company to confirm that the visit is legitimate.
  • Don’t feel pressured to sign contracts or papers on the spot. (The Region does not sell water treatment devices.)
  • Never give out your personal information.
  • The Region will never test water in your house without a scheduled appointment – we sample water from hydrants on the street.

Water meter installation

The Region of Durham has established a Residential Meter Replacement Program in order to ensure the continued accuracy of your water and sanitary sewer billings in conjunction with Water Supply System By-Law No. 89-2003, Part IV Section 16. The Region has contracted Neptune Technology Group to replace the meters in homes at no extra charge to you.

Prior to our contractors showing up at your door, you will receive an official letter from the Region of Durham notifying you of the upcoming water meter replacement. The letter requests that you set up an appointment with the contractor, Neptune Technology Group, for the water meter replacement. You will also receive a second reminder letter from the Region. Neptune installers will arrive on the date you arrange; they are uniformed, carry ID, and are highly skilled to ensure a professional installation. They will not show up unannounced.

Water filtration sales representatives

The Region of Durham does not sell or endorse water treatment equipment for residents using the municipal water supply systems. The Region of Durham is committed to providing clean, safe drinking water to residents. Information on water quality testing is available from the Region by contacting the Works Department at 905-668-7711, and from our Water Quality Reports online.

Safe drinking water for our residents

The Regional Municipality of Durham provides safe drinking water to residents using the municipal water supply system on a continuous basis–meeting and in many cases bettering, all of the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards.

Water drawn from the municipal water supply is monitored for quality at the Region's six surface plants and eight groundwater systems. Additionally, all water in the municipal water system undergoes treatment to meet the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards, prior to entering the water distribution system. In-plant samples are collected and tested on site each day by a licensed operator, while online analyzers monitor the process on a continuous basis.

The quality and safety of the Region's water is confirmed at an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, which is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment – a requirement of the Ontario Drinking Water Regulations set by the province of Ontario.

Protect yourself against scams

Durham Regional Police Services have useful information on their website to help residents protect themselves against scams.

Residents are also protected by the Consumer Protection Act. Learn more here. Residents are encouraged to call the Ministry of Consumer Services at 1-800-889-9768 to report these incidents.