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Wellhead Protection Sign

Municipal Drinking Water Protection Area Signs are installed on regional and municipal roads to assist in identifying WHPA.

What Is A Drinking Water Protection Area (DWPA)?

A Drinking Water Protection Area (DWPA) is the portion of land delineated by computer model around municipal wells that needs protection from any potential chemical or bacteriological contamination to protect water in the aquifer.

Why Are Drinking Water Protection Areas Signs Posted?

The DHPA signs are installed to assist in identifying the land around the municipal wells that needs to be protected. These signs are designed to increase public awareness of the Wellhead Protection Areas in hopes of preventing contamination of municipal drinking water sources by identifying WHPA locations to the public. The goal of the proposed management and education programs for WHPA is to reduce the potential for the contamination of groundwater resources near municipal wells.

Who Installed The Sign?

The Regional Municipality of Durham is placing signs to identify the Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPA) for each municipal well in Durham Region. Each two (2) by three (3) foot sign will be placed where Regional and/or municipal roads cross the Wellhead Protection Area.