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Learn more about the duties of the Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer - Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Roger Anderson, Regional Chair of the Regional Municipality of Durham. You know, I've been asked many times what it means to be the head of Council for one of the largest geographical regions in the Greater Toronto Area. It's a challenging role, but made much easier due to the outstanding Councillors and staff members who help keep Durham Region moving forward.

One of the first questions people generally ask me is how I ended as Regional Chair. I was first selected for this role in December of 1997. I was elected by the 28 members of Regional Council who come from all eight local area municipalities. Their votes determine who will become Regional Chair for the next four year term of Council. As head of council, I can put forth motions and vote on issues during the four standing committee sessions which are Finance and Administration, Health and Social Services, Planning and Works. However when it comes to Regional Council meetings, I only vote in the event of a tie.

Outside of these two main duties my job also includes acting as the Chief Executive Officer for the municipality, opening and presiding over all Council meetings, representing the Municipality at official functions, serving as a Board Member for the Durham Regional Police Service; sitting on various boards outside the Regional organization as well, and promoting and advancing the Region's position with other levels of government and external groups and of course, the proverbial, other duties as assigned. But despite all of these activities, my number one priority remains the more than 600,000 residents of Durham Region and the approximately one billion dollars worth of services and programs that we deliver on your behalf.

So on behalf of Durham Regional Council, I would like to invite all of the residents to contact myself or the Regional Councillor who represents their community in order to provide feedback about Regional programs and services. After all, Regional Government works best when our citizens are engaged and informed about the process. It is our job to understand the concerns of our community members, while ensuring that Durham Region continues to be a great place to live, work, play and grow.