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The Plan

DEMO is responsible for the development of emergency plans for natural and human-caused emergencies in Durham Region.

DEMO staff assists Regional departments and area municipalities in the development of their respective plans and procedures for their specific emergency response needs.

Emergency Plan Structure

The Durham Region emergency plan structure consists of a Master Plan, Risk Specific Plans (including nuclear) and Regional Support Plans that include departments, area municipalities, school boards and community agencies.

Emergency Plan Structure: From top to bottom - Master Plan, Risk Specific Plans, Implementing Procedures, Support Plans for Departments, Municipalities, School Boards and Community Agencies

Durham Region Emergency Master Plan

The Master Plan (PDF) prescribes the planning and operating guidelines, and the roles and responsibilities for Regional departments, area municipalities and community agencies.

This plan is a multi-hazard response plan for all types of emergencies. It is designed to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of emergency response services and recovery operations within Durham Region. This plan provides the framework for the provision of emergency support services to other municipalities.

The Master Plan (PDF) is supported by the Regional Risk Specific Plans.

Risk Specific Plans

The Risk Specific plans describe how the Region will respond to specific emergencies, such as flooding, nuclear or pandemic influenza.

Durham Region Nuclear Emergency Plan

One of the Risk Specific Plans is the Durham Region Nuclear Emergency Response Plan (DRNERP).

The Nuclear Emergency Plan prescribes the planning and operational guidelines for the Durham Region emergency response organization to be used during a nuclear event.

Durham Region is considered a "designated municipality" under the Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan (PNERP) and is mandated to have a nuclear emergency plan.

Durham Region and area municipalities must be prepared to implement protective measures in a 10-kilometre zone around each nuclear station to protect the public from exposure to a radioactive release.

Protective measures include:

  • Evacuation: Residents will be advised to evacuate to designated facilities following evacuation routes designated by the Province.
  • KI (Potassium Iodide) Pills: Potassium Iodide pills prevent or reduce the radioiodine absorption by the thyroid gland through the ingestion of a stable iodine compound. Residents living within ten kilometres of the Darlington and Pickering nuclear generating stations can also order a free supply of KI pills for their family online at
  • Public alerting: The Province will order the public alerting system to be activated to warn the public if required.

The current Public Alerting System consists of:

  • Sirens within 3 kilometres of the nuclear stations to warn people outdoors.
  • An automated telephone dialling system that covers the 10 kilometre area surrounding each nuclear station.

Nuclear Power Plant Safety
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