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Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department covers a variety of Regional service areas.

The Human Resources Division provides a wide spectrum of services to its employees via occupational health, safety and wellness; employee benefits; recruitment; training; human resources policies; and maintaining harmonious relations with its bargaining units. This division strives to be innovative to ensure Durham Region remains an employer of choice.

The Information Technology Division provides information technology and computer support to the organization. This group plays a role in regulatory compliance, manages the networks required for email and Regional websites, oversees wireless connectivity, provides technology security, supports desktop software, develops applications and provides GIS Services.

The Legal Services Division provides advice and representation to ensure that the actions undertaken by the Region of Durham will comply with all applicable laws, have the desired legal effect, and be arranged so as to minimize exposure to legal liability, and also oversees the delivery of services under the Provincial Offences Act consisting of administrative, prosecutorial and court support functions.

The Legislative Services Division carries out the statutory duties of the clerk as outlined in the Municipal Act and other provincial acts. This department acts as secretariat to Regional Council and its committees, manages Regional records and archives programs, and co-ordinates requests for information and privacy complaints under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Divisional staff working within the corporate call centre and public front counter is often the first point of contact for inquiries about the Region and its services. This division is also responsible for organizing official Regional events.

Emergency Management

The Durham Emergency Management Office (DEMO) assists in the protection of the citizens of Durham Region by co-ordinating effective preparedness, response and recovery to natural and human-caused emergencies.


The Finance Department is responsible for promoting and maintaining the financial strength, stability and accountability of the Regional Corporation. The Commissioner of Finance and Treasurer provides advice on all matters pertaining to the efficient and prudent financial management of the Region of Durham.


The Health Department leads, manages and delivers public health programs and services, including infant and child development services, and Region of Durham Paramedic Service. Public health programs and services are organized into the following groups: Disease Prevention, Family Health and Health Protection.

Planning and Economic Development

The Planning and Economic Development Department delivers a variety of Regional services.

The Planning Division is responsible for the Durham Regional Official Plan, which establishes the broad policy framework for managing the future growth and development of the Region. Goals of the Plan are to protect the environment, preserve agricultural land, provide an integrated and efficient transportation system and encourage economic opportunities for the well-being of present and future residents. Ongoing review ensures that the Plan is responsive to emerging trends and provincial policies and plans. The Plan is implemented through the review and approval of development applications, including local municipal official plan amendments, plans of subdivision/condominiums, and consent to sever. Citizen engagement is facilitated through input from Advisory Committees on Agriculture, Environment and Trails.

The Economic Development and Tourism Division promotes Durham Region as an ideal place to grow a successful business and enjoy a high quality of life. Business attraction, retention and expansion remain the highest priority. Economic Development works with local and foreign governments and industries to promote Durham's strengths, including its emerging creative economy and reputation as Ontario's Energy Capital. Key sectors, including innovative technologies, agriculture, tourism and film, are promoted, through goal-oriented programs, preparation of strategies, development of key partnerships, marketing campaigns and tourism guides.

Social Services

The Social Services Department provides services to more than 25,000 residents each month. Social Services is comprised of six divisions: Business Affairs and Financial Management, Children's Services, Family Services, Housing Services, Income and Employment Support, and Long Term Care and Services for Seniors. These divisions are committed to the delivery of professional and high-quality services.


The Works Department provides numerous essential municipal services to residents and businesses within Durham, including the supply of drinking water, the collection and treatment of sewage, the provision and maintenance of a regional road network and solid waste management.