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Help Someone Quit

Help a Friend
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You can help a person who is trying to quit smoking, but you can’t do it for them! Everyone needs to make their own choices.

Remember – you’re a friend first, and you care about them whether they smoke or not. Follow their lead – let them know you’re there to help, but quitting is up to them. It doesn’t work to lecture, nag or make your friend feel guilty.

For many people, quitting smoking is the hardest thing they will ever do.  Other people find it easier to quit. Your job is to support your friend and encourage them to keep trying at their own speed.

Help an Employee

How can you help?

  • Display posters in your break room or washrooms.
  • Distribute promotional items to employees who smoke.
  • Click here to order posters and promotional items.

For more information about the Picture Yourself Smoke-Free campaign, or to learn about other health promotion opportunities for workplaces, contact the Durham Health Connection Line at 1-800-841-2729.