DineSafe Durham

What is DineSafe Durham?

DineSafe Durham is Durham Region's Food Safety Inspection Disclosure program which gives you quick and easy access to inspection results. Durham Food Safety Inspection Summary Signs posted on-site will reflect the most recent inspection.

The By-law requires food establishment operators to post the most recent DineSafe Durham inspection summary sign. The most recent inspection report has to be available for the Public Health Inspector and public to read. After each inspection, every food establishment receives one of three coloured summary signs Green (PASS), Yellow (CONDITIONAL PASS) or Red (CLOSED).

Inspection Summary Signs

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Green (PASS) sign:

  • Mostly in compliance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation

  • Few critical infractions or some non-critical infractions can result in a green (PASS) sign

  • Food handling practices do not represent an immediate risk to public health

  • A follow-up inspection may occur if items need to be corrected. Sometimes minor issues may not be addressed until the next routine inspection

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Conditional Pass


  • Significant non-compliance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation

  • The number and/or type of infractions could lead to food-borne illness

  • Sometimes, many non-critical infractions result in a Yellow (CONDITIONAL PASS) sign being issued

  • A follow-up inspection will happen within 24-72 hours (1-3 business days)

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Red (CLOSED) sign:

  • Food establishment poses a health hazard (i.e. major insect/rodent infestation, no hot/cold running water, sewage back-up, fire, flood, and/or power outage)

  • Food establishment will close and not prepare, serve and/or sell food to the public.

  • The food establishment must earn a Green (PASS) to be re-opened

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For more information call
Environmental Help Line at 905-723-3818 OR 1-888-777-9613

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