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Your Water and Sanitary Sewer Bill

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer E-Billing. We are hoping to offer it in the future, however we cannot give you any time frame at this point in time.

An Explanation of Your Water and Sanitary Sewer Bill

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Water Bill Top Half

Water Bill

Your Water and Sanitary Sewer bill consists of two main components:

  • Usage Charges
  • Service Charges

The following explains these charges and others. The appropriate boxes are lettered in the sample bill for ease of reference.

Section A: Water Consumption Charge

The water consumption bills you for the volume of water you have used as measured by the water meter. The majority of these revenues recover the costs associated with:

  • Operating the water supply plants
  • Maintaining the water distribution system
  • Replacing outmoded or deteriorating facilities

Section B: Water Service Charge

This charge is based on the size of the water meter. The vast majority of residential homes are serviced by a standard (16 mm) meter. All residential water users, with similar size services, will have the same water service charge regardless of the volume of water used. Customers with larger meters (commercial/industrial users) will have a higher water service charge. The majority of these revenues help recover the fixed costs of providing customers with their water service connection. These costs exist even if the customer uses no water. The revenues help to recover the costs of:

  • Providing fire protection capacity in our water system
  • Maintaining water meters
  • Billing and administrative activities

Section C: Private Unmetered Fire Line Charge

This charge is billed to customers who have their own private fire prevention system. These include sprinklers, hose connections and hydrants. The charge is based on the size of the service connection. Most residential customers would not have this type of service. The costs of fire hydrants located on public property are recovered through the water service charge.

Section D: Sanitary Sewer Usage Charge

The sanitary sewer usage charge is based on the volume of water used. It is calculated by multiplying your metered water usage by the appropriate sewer usage rate. The majority of these revenues help recover the costs associated with:

  • Operating the water pollution control plants
  • Replacing outmoded or deteriorating facilities

Section E: Sanitary Sewer Service Charge

The sanitary sewer service charge is the same for all customers regardless of the volume of sanitary sewer discharged or the size of the water meter. Like the water service charge, these revenues recover the fixed costs of maintaining the sanitary sewer connection. Revenues recover the costs of:

  • Maintaining service connections to the customer’s premises
  • Billing and administrative activities
  • Other Charges

Section F & G: Water & Sewer Main Frontage

If a customer is paying for the installation of a water / sewer main over a period of years, this charge will appear on the bill. Some frontage charges are collected on the local municipal tax bill, however the majority are collected on the water and sanitary sewer bill.

Section H: Collection Charges

Unpaid bills may be subject to further collection charges which would appear in this section.

Section I: Miscellaneous Charges

When a miscellaneous charge is assessed to a bill, the charge code and amount appear on the bill. An explanation of the codes can be found on the reverse side of the bill.

Section J,K & L: Explanation of 'Amount Due Now', '2% Late Payment Charge Effective Date', & 'Amount Due after Date Shown'

Your water and sanitary sewer bill is due as of the date of mailing. The amount Due Now (J) on the billing shows the amount owing if the bill is paid before the Late Payment Charge Date (K). A 2% Late Payment Charge will be applied to the total amount owing on the bill if full payment is not received in our office by the Late Payment Charge Date. Please pay the value shown by the Amount Due After Date Shown (L) column if paying your bill after the Late Payment Charge Date.


Customers are financially responsible for all water that passes through the water meters.
This includes water lost and related sanitary sewer usage charges due to plumbing problems


How is My Bill Calculated?

The water meter registers the amount of water passing through it. In order to calculate the amount of water to bill, subtract the current reading from the last billed reading. By applying the applicable water and sanitary sewer rates to the consumption used, and adding in the appropriate water and sanitary sewer service charges, the amount of the bill can be calculated.

Water and Sanitary Sewer User Rates and Other Miscellaneous Charges

Finance Department
Utility Finance

Rate Change for 2017

The combined average increase in Regional water and sanitary sewer user rates is 3.6% for the year 2017. This represents a 4.9% increase in water rates and a 2.3% increase in sanitary sewer rates.

Customers may determine the impact of the increase by recalculating a previous bill using the new rates and comparing the total amounts.

Typical Residential Customer Billing

Residential customers pay $1.045 per cubic metre of water and $1.712 per cubic metre for sanitary sewer. Water service charges are billed based on the size of the water meter ($17.57 per month for a standard meter). Sanitary sewer service charges are uniform for all customers ($6.71 per month).

Typical Quarterly Billing
Residential Customer
(based on 58 cu M)

Water Consumption


Water Service Charge


Total Water Charges


Sanitary Sewer Usage Charge


Sanitary Sewer Service Charge


Total Sewer Charges


Total Quarterly Billing


Monthly Water Consumption and Sanitary Sewer Usage Rate Schedule

Metered Rates (based on water consumption volume)

All Usage by Residential Customers Billed at First Block Rate


Volume Intervals



First Block

0 to 45 cubic metres/month

$1.045/cubic metre

$1.712/cubic metre

0 to 10,000 gallons/month

$4.752/1,000 gallons

$7.783/1,000 gallons

0 to 1,600 cubic feet/month

$2.960/100 cubic feet

$4.849/100 cubic feet

Second Block

46 to 4,500 cubic metres/month

$0.889/cubic metre

$1.507/cubic metre

10,001 to 1,000,000 gallons/month

$4.041/1,000 gallons

$6.849/1,000 gallons

1,601 to 160,000 cubic feet/month

$2.518/100 cubic feet

$4.267/100 cubic feet

Third Block

Over 4,500 cubic metres/month

$0.816/cubic metre

$1.266/cubic metre

Over 1,000,000 gallons/month

$3.710/1,000 gallons

$5.756/1,000 gallons

Over 160,000 cubic feet/month

$2.311/100 cubic feet

$3.586/100 cubic feet

Multiple Units:

For multiple units, the consumption block limits are calculated by multiplying the above consumption block limits by the number of units. For example, the first block rate limit for an 8 unit mall is 360 cubic metres per month.

Basic Service Charges ($/month)

Water Service Charges Based on Water Meter Size

Meter or Fire Line Size

Service Charge

Minimum Charge

Fireline Charge



16 or 19




























































Flat Rate, $41.33 a month per unit for all meter sizes

Sewer Service Charges: Uniform For All Customers

Service Charge

Minimum Charge
(for meters 25 mm and larger)

Flat Rate

$6.71 per month

$46.00 per month

$45.63 per month per unit

A late payment charge of 2% shall be applied to the amount billed if full payment is not received within 16 days of the date on which the bill is mailed.

Other Miscellaneous Charges

In addition to the regular user rates, there are other miscellaneous charges that may be billed to customers. These charges are shown below.

Water Shut-Off / Turn On Charges


Water Shut-Off/Turn On Initiated by Customer:

During Working Hours

After Normal Working

Shut Water Off



Turn Water On



Shut-Off and Turn On During Same Call



For Water Shut-Off Notification prior to Shut-Off action being taken


Water Shut-Off Initiated by Region Due to Collection Action
(Water Not Necessarily Shut Off)*


Turn Water On


* This charge applies when it becomes necessary to perform an on-site collection visit in order to collect on an outstanding account.

Miscellaneous Charges


Processing of Dishonoured Payments


Change of Occupancy Charge


Supplying Statement of Account


Standby Charge While Water Service Shut-Off But Not Disconnected

Standard Service Charge

Charge for Unmetered Regional Water Used for Construction (Building Purpose Charge)

$110.00 Per Service

Lien Administration Fee


Account Payment Transfer Fee


Meter Related Charges

Meter Size


Testing of Water Meter Where the Meter is Found to Measure the Flow of Water Accurately

Up to 25 mm


Over 25 mm

Actual Cost

Frozen, damaged, or missing meter charge



Over 19 mm

Actual Cost