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Take Care... Take CoverShade

Shade is one of the best defences against exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.  Shade alone can reduce the overall exposure to the sun’s UV rays by 75%.

When used with other sun safety practices, shade provides maximum protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

Benefits of Shade

shady chesnut tree
  • lowers UV exposure
  • reduces the risk of skin cancer
  • encourages physical activity
  • adds beauty and creates an environment that fosters positive mental health
  • reduces energy costs (use less air conditioning)
  • provides comfort in outdoor areas, reducing air temperatures in the summer by  up to 30%
  • reduces air pollution, smog and poor air quality 
  • increases property values

Shade Planning

Come take a walk on the shady side.

  • Think about your outdoor activities, where and when they occur.
  • Check out the amount of useful shade in your yard.
  • Decide where more shade is needed.
  • Develop a plan.

For more information about planning for shade at home, check out, Made for Shade: A guide for recreating shade at home (PDF).