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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving: What is Your Role?

Know the Graduated Licensing System

red stylized stoplight The Problem:

''I grew up with the 365 system so I didn't know what the G1 and G2 were. It was hard to keep track of what my daughter could and couldn't do in each stage. I counted on her to know."

yellow stylized stoplight The Facts:

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  • The GLS is a two-step process. New drivers gradually gain driving experience and the skills needed to reduce their risks.
  • Your role is crucial in making sure your teen knows and follows the rules of the GLS.

green stylized stoplight Try This:

  • Get to know Ontario's GLS restrictions and traffic laws.
  • Talk about the GLS restrictions and traffic laws with your teen.
  • Review the GLS and decide if your teen needs more restrictions then what is written in the law requirements. Go ahead and add your own rules based on the driving needs of your teen.
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