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Physical Activity

Seasonal Physical Activity Tips

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Staying active all year long, no matter the weather is important for your health! To ensure your family is getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity, try some of these ideas:

Family walk on the trails

Make sure you are being sun safe while enjoying the outdoors! Don’t forget to take a break from playing outside and having a healthy snack.

Remember, no matter the weather, you can still stay active with your family inside!


  • pregnant mom doing yoga with her daughter
    Playing active games such as freeze dance.
  • Cleaning the house with some upbeat holiday music.
  • Building a blanket fort.
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • A game of charades will be sure to keep the family moving and might even give your tummies a workout from all the laughter.
  • Living room yoga with the whole family.
  • Taking the stairs when possible - every step counts.

Try a new activity with your family each week - check out the Free Physical Activities in Your Community for more local events going on near you!