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Sexual Health

Birth Control... What's right for you?

Consider the following when making choices about sexual activity and birth control:

  • Not everyone is doing it! According to a recent Canadian study 79% of Gr. 9s and 57% of Gr. 11s have never had sexual intercourse.1
  • How is your relationship with your partner? Can you talk about sex and birth control together? Equal communication is an important part of a healthy relationship.
  • Talking about sex, birth control and condoms may be difficult, practice your discussion with a friend.
  • How comfortable are you about sharing responsibilities such as birth control or parenting?

You should know...

  1. The Birth Control Pill does not cause weight gain.
    The pill can cause an increased appetite, but the hormone levels are low enough that taking the pill will not cause weight gain.
  1. Withdrawing before ejaculation can still result in pregnancy.
    Before a male ejaculates, a small amount of lubricating fluid is released which contains sperm. Therefore, any vaginal penetration by the penis can result in pregnancy.
  1. You can get pregnant the first time you have sex.
    It only takes one time to become pregnant. If you menstruate, you can get pregnant. Generally, younger girls are more fertile than an older woman and can get pregnant more easily.
  1. The rhythm method is not considered a reliable birth control option for most people.