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Private Sewage Systems

Role of Durham Region Health Department

As of  April 6, 1998, the responsibility for regulating onsite sewage systems with a design capacity of less than 10 000 litres per day was transferred down to the local municipalities via the Building Code Act. While municipalities became responsible for enforcing sewage system standards, the legislation allowed municipalities to delegate this responsibility, by agreement, to upper tier municipalities, boards of health or conservation authorities. In Durham Region, the Health Department is contracted by seven (7) of the eight (8) local municipalities to regulate the design, construction and approval of on-site private sewage systems found in the Ontario Building Code. The exception being, the City of Oshawa, where the building department conducts this activity. Prior to April 6, 1998, the Health Department regulated this activity on behalf of the Region since 1976. Sewage systems larger than 10 000 litres per day and off –lot (communal) sewage systems are regulated under the Water Resources Act, with approvals issued by the Ministry of Environment. The MOE also regulates approval for the hauling of sewage under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act.