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Healthy Sleep Healthy Me (PDF)

A resource explaining the important role parents/caregivers play in helping their school aged children (4-12 years) develop healthy sleep rountines.

(max 25)

Creating Healthy Routines (PDF)

This resource helps families to create healthy routines through eating healthy, being active, and getting enough sleep.

(max 30)

Small Steps To A Healthier Weight (PDF)

A resource with small changes you can start today to achieve and maintain a healthier weight (for adults).

(max 30)

Healthier Weights Posters (set of 5 posters) (PDF)

These posters provide different tips for adults to achieve and maintain a healthier weight

(max 1 set)

Walking Booklet (PDF)

This resource helps people to make walking a habit by offering practical tips for success and sample walking plans.

(max 30)

Wallet Size Physical Activity Tracker (PDF)

A wallet/purse sized tool to track your daily physical activity over three weeks (for adults).

(max 30)

Where's the Salt? (PDF)

This pamphlet informs you on hidden salt in your diet, the effects of salt on your health, and gives you easy tips you can use to cut down on the amount of salt you eat.

(max 30)

Your Menu for Healthy Eating out (PDF)

This pamphlet will give you practical tips and useful tools to help you make healthy choices while eating out.

(max 30)

Rethink your Drink (PDF)

This resource provides tips on making healthy drink choices.

(max 30)

How Do Fats Measure Up? (PDF)

This pamphlet explains 'healthy fats' and 'unhealthy fats'; how much fat you should consume; and helps you to make healthy choices for you and your family.

(max 30)

Pack Some Wow In Your Lunch (PDF)

Learn more about making healthy snacks and lunches (all ages)

(max 30)

Food Label Reading Made Easy

This resource will help you read labels on food packages and choose lower sodium options.

(max 30)

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