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News Release

Regional Council approves 2015 water and sewer user rates

WHITBY, ON December 17, 2014

Durham Regional Council today approved the 2015 water and sanitary sewer user rates, with a combined increase of five per cent, or $42.28 per year for the average Durham Region household.

“No other service has a greater impact on our everyday life than the delivery of clean, safe drinking water, and the proper treatment of wastewater to protect the local environment,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “With these user rates, Durham Regional Council has ensured the Region of Durham will continue to provide a safe, reliable service and ensure financial sustainability at an affordable cost. Our water is worth it!”

Effective Jan. 1, 2015, water rates will increase by 5.3 per cent, and sanitary sewer user rates will increase by 4.8 per cent. Water and sewer user rate increases provide for the maintenance and repair of aging infrastructure, cover inflationary increases in operating costs and fund capital improvements required to comply with legislation to ensure safe and reliable water and wastewater treatment programs.

Customers who reduce their water use—and therefore, help to conserve this resource—are having a positive impact on the environment. In addition, these practices are helping Durham Region to prolong its water infrastructure and defer large, costly projects to future dates (such as water supply plant expansions).

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