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Official Plan and Documents

Durham Regional Official Plan

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In November 1993, the Region's new Official Plan was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. This plan replaced the former Official Plan, which was prepared in 1976.

The entire land base of the Region is covered by the Official Plan. Like a blue print for the construction of a large building, the official plan uses words and diagrams to establish parameters for growth within the Region.

The new Official Plan contains policies and maps, which guide the type and location of land uses in the Region to 2031. Land use categories are displayed on the maps, while the policies describe the Region's goals for these categories, and the type of information the Region requires to evaluate land uses changes.

Land use categories that are described in words and displayed in maps include: Open Space, Living Areas, Employment Areas, Central Areas, Transportation, Agricultural, and Rural Settlements. When viewed as a whole, a framework or regional structure is formed by the land use categories described in the Official Plan. This regional structure is further detailed through the official plans of each of the Regions eight local area municipalities.

A copy of the Durham Regional Official Plan can be obtained from the Clerk's Department for a cost of $60 per paper copy and $25 per CD.