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Regional Council approves comprehensive housing plan

WHITBY, ON June 4, 2014 – – Durham Regional Council today approved–“At Home in Durham, the Durham Housing Plan 2014-2024”–a comprehensive 10-year plan to address housing and homelessness in our region.

“Today, the Region has reinforced its commitment to ensuring that individuals and families have access to safe and affordable housing,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “But, we cannot do it alone. In order to realize the outcomes of this plan, we need continued support from the federal and provincial governments, as well as our community partners–you are all vital to its success.”

“At Home in Durham” identifies four goals:

The plan establishes the Region’s direction for housing during the next decade–including an assessment of current and future housing needs; and the goals and actions to meet the diverse range of these needs. It provides a description of anticipated outcomes, as well as how progress is to be measured.

To develop this comprehensive plan, staff utilized findings from five Durham Housing Review Background reports. In addition, extensive consultations with key stakeholders and community members, including community outreach sessions and an online survey, were undertaken. Information gathered at these consultations, as well as feedback from residents, helped to build the foundation of this document.

The next step includes the development of an implementation plan outlining key actions, measurements and anticipated timelines. Annual progress reports will also be communicated and made available to the public. In addition, a comprehensive review of the plan will be conducted every five years, beginning in 2019.

To access “At Home in Durham,” or learn more about the plan, please visit Copies of the final plan can also be obtained from the Housing Services Division, located at The Regional Municipality of Durham Headquarters, 605 Rossland Rd. E., Whitby.


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