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Update #7: DYEC stack test results

WHITBY, ON November 25, 2016

As part of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) approved Abatement Plan and the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), the Regional Municipalities of Durham and York, have received the Source Test results for the Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC).  The Source Test includes two categories of testing—diagnostic and compliance. 

The diagnostic Source Test was conducted from Sept. 19 to 30, for dioxins and furans on boiler units #1 and #2. The diagnostic Source test results for dioxins and furans were 8.59 (unit #1) and 16.1 (unit #2) picograms per reference metre cube (pg/Rm3). The results of the diagnostic Source Test demonstrated that the DYEC was operating well below the ECA limits for dioxins and furans—which is 60 pg/Rm3.

The compliance Source Test, for all the test contaminants required by the ECA, was conducted on both boilers from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4. The draft results demonstrate that the DYEC is operating within the regulatory limits set in the ECA and legislation. The compliance Source Test results for dioxins and furans were 9.44 (unit #1) and 6.40 (unit #2) pg/Rm3.

The Source Test was conducted by a third party independent consultant and the sample analysis was done by an accredited laboratory. Both the diagnostic Source Test report and compliance Source Test draft Summary Table have been posted to the project website. The MOECC, AirZone (peer reviewer) and HDR (owners’ consultant) were on site to observe the testing on several occasions.

The final Source Test report is expected by the end of the year and will be submitted to the MOECC for evaluation.  At that time, the Source Test report will also be posted to the website. AirZone will then complete their peer review of the final Source Test report. 

Current emissions monitoring data is posted online at the project website and on a large electronic board outside of the visitor’s centre. This is done to promote and ensure transparency and compliance by Covanta with the Environmental Compliance Approval limits. Environmental reports, as well as a comprehensive overview of the facility and answers to frequently asked questions are available online.

The Durham York Energy Centre, located in Courtice, is Durham Region’s primary long-term disposal option for waste and only processes the household waste remaining after Durham and York Regions’ aggressive composting, recycling and reuse programs. Both regions are leaders in waste diversion with diversion rates consistently above 50 percent. For more information on the Durham York Energy Centre, visit, call 1-800-667-5671, or email

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