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Council approves Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan

WHITBY, ON April 12, 2017

Durham Regional Council has approved the Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan—a document designed to provide the foundation for a strong and vibrant community where older adults remain active, enjoy better health, and are more engaged and informed.

“A strong and vibrant community benefits us all, and older adults have an abundance of knowledge and experience to share,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “This plan will help to ensure our decision-making reflects and responds to the needs and life experiences of older adults, as we continue to support active, healthy aging.”

By offering a common vision of age-friendliness, Durham has established itself as a community that values, respects and supports the well-being of all residents, regardless of age or ability. To support implementation of the strategy, a Durham Council on Aging will now be established to foster collaboration amongst the Region, area municipalities, local businesses, community organizations, academia, and Durham residents around local initiatives that will improve quality of life for older adults.

The Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan is the product of a collaborative effort, involving many community stakeholders. More than 1,700 individuals and over 20 community organizations provided input towards the recommendations contained in the strategy, via an extensive public consultation process. 

These recommendations lay the foundation for a co-ordinated approach among the Region, the eight area municipalities, and the community in order to plan for Durham’s growing older adult population (age 55 and older). As part of this initiative, an interactive map was also created to help residents locate programs and services of interest to older adults in the Durham area.

In June 2015, The Regional Municipality of Durham received $50,000 in provincial funding through Ontario’s Age-Friendly Community Planning Grant Program to support the development of a sustainable, collaborative long-term strategy that will help meet the needs of Durham Region’s aging population.

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