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Durham Region initiates broadband strategy

WHITBY, ON September 27, 2017

Access to high-speed broadband Internet has been recognized as a crucial driver for quality of life and economic competitiveness. That’s why The Regional Municipality of Durham has initiated the Durham Region Broadband Strategy, a document that will ultimately outline current conditions within the Region; identify the needs of businesses, residents and government agencies; and provide recommendations for increased connectivity.

“Broadband services are crucial in a world that is becoming increasingly computerized and online,” said Brian Bridgeman, Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development. “It is important that we understand current conditions, and take steps to ensure the Region and its residents are prepared for the digital future.”

To ensure the strategy meets the specific needs of our communities, the process will be completed in two phases.

Phase one will focus on background and baseline information, including current services, interest of various parties (public and private sectors), consultation with key stakeholders, an assessment of municipal roles in broadband delivery, and an analysis of economic impacts. This phase should be complete in late 2017.

Phase two includes preparation of the final document. This piece is expected to include data collected in the first phase; outlining appropriate roles and actions for stakeholders (the Region, area municipalities and private sector); an implementation plan; and an assessment of potential business models, funding sources and partnership arrangements related to increased connectivity. This phase is scheduled for completion by July 2018.

Consultation is a key component of this strategy. Therefore, individuals who are interested in learning more, including avenues for providing input into this process, should contact Laura Bradley of Actionable Intelligence Inc. at Actionable Intelligence Inc. is the consulting firm retained by the Region to assist in preparing this strategy.

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