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Facts About...


What is it?

Who should receive the vaccine?

The following people are eligible to receive publicly funded (free) hepatitis B vaccine:

The vaccine maybe recommended for others at risk for the disease, however they would have to purchase the vaccine. Check with your health care provider to see if you should be immunized.

How effective is the Hepatitis B Vaccine?

What is the schedule for the vaccine?

Grade 7 students are offered two doses of hepatitis B vaccine. The second dose is given in four to six months after the first dose was received.

For grade 7 students who have previously received a hepatitis B vaccine (e.g., Recombivax® or Engerix®-B or Twinrix®), please see the preferred schedule below according to the Canadian Immunization Guide.



Dose 1

Dose 2

Dose 3


0-19 year

Initial dose

1 month later

5 months after Dose 2

Twinrix® Junior

1-18 years

Initial dose

1 month later

5 months after Dose 2


1-15 years

Initial dose

6-12 months later


Are there side effects with the vaccine?

Who should NOT get the vaccine?

For more information on contents of vaccine refer to the Canadian Immunization Guide, Evergreen Edition.

Don’t forget to update your record of protection

After you or your child receives a vaccine, update your immunization record (yellow card). For children in school or daycare, please call the Health Department to update your child’s immunization records. Keep your records in a safe place!

September 20, 2017