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Swimming Pool Safety

What things can I do to protect myself and my family when entering a pool?

Shower Before Swimming
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Ontario Health Regulations
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This is an example of
a sign that bathers may
see at a pool and not
the actual required
sign as the bather load
and phone location is
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Pool Rules

  1. no person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on his or her body shall enter the pool,

  2. no person shall bring a glass container onto the deck or into the pool,

  3. no person shall pollute the water in the pool in any manner and that spitting, spouting of water and blowing the nose in the pool or on the deck are prohibited,

  4. no person shall engage in boisterous play in or about the pool,

  5. adhere to the posted maximum bather load, and

  6. note the location of the emergency phone at that facility/pool.