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Fairview Lodge Family Council

What is a Family Council?

A Family Council is intended to be a group made up of family and friends of residents who live in a long-term care home. The idea is for this group to have regular meetings, be self led, democratic and driven by the goals of the particular council.

What is purpose of a Family Council?

The primary purpose of the council is to ensure the highest quality of life for residents, and to aid in communication between the home and the families and friends of residents.

What are the goals of a Family Council?

The goals and direction of a Family Council vary from home to home. Some examples of goals are:

Why should I join the Family Council?

Family councils benefit their membership through support and education. It is a forum to have concerns and ideas presented so that positive changes can occur with the home. In this way, Family councils have been very successful in making changes that benefit all the residents of a home.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit the Ontario Family Councils Program website or phone 416-487-4355.

The above information has been adapted from the Ontario Family Councils Program website.

The Family Council contact information is as follows:


Karen McCraw – Chairperson
Barbara Ninacs – Treasurer