Housing and Homelessness

Information for Tenants

Private market tenants

Private market tenants reside in rental properties that are owned and managed by private individuals or companies. The legislation governing these tenancies is the “Residential Tenancies Act”. For more information on the act, and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, Community Legal Education Ontario has brochures that may be helpful.

If you require support in a tenancy-related matter, you can contact a housing outreach worker or the Community Legal Clinic for assistance. These supports are also available to social housing tenants and members, including residents of Duham Region Local Housing Corporation properties.

Social housing tenants and members

Social housing tenants and members reside in properties owned and managed by one of the following:

For more information on the types of social housing available in Durham Region, please visit the Looking for rental accommodation page.

Social Housing is governed by the “Housing Services Act” and its regulations. In Durham Region, there are also directives provided that set out the policies for social housing providers receiving subsidies from the Region of Durham. If you have any questions about any of the policies, please contact your provider or Housing Services staff for clarification.

Rent Supplement Programs

Reporting changes

Questions and concerns

Durham Regional Local Housing Corporation

The Durham Regional Local Housing Corporation (DRLHC) is owned by the Region of Durham and managed by the Housing Services Division, part of the Social Services Department. All DRLHC tenants pay rent that is geared to their income. Forms to request pre-authorized payment of rent, as well as other tenant forms, can be found on the forms page.

Appeals and Regional Reviews

What can be appealed?

A Regional Review is an appeal of a decision about your RGI assistance or special needs housing. Applicants and tenants may request a Regional Review or appeal of decisions regarding:

The Panel also hears appeals of decisions pertaining to the Durham Housing Benefit (DHB), the Housing Stability Program (HSP) and other housing or homelessness programs that may be established by the Region of Durham. For more information about how to appeal these types of decisions, please contact the organization that made the decision. You may also want to review Directive 2014-04 Regional Review Process.

How to appeal

If you want to appeal a decision, you must make your request within 10 days of receiving notice of the decision.

If you are a tenant, you must submit the written request for a Regional Review to your housing provider. If you are an applicant, you must send your request to one of the offices of Durham Access to Social Housing (DASH).

Once you have sent your request to your housing provider or to DASH, they will forward it to the Regional Review Panel for review.

The Regional Review Panel is an impartial body composed of representatives from the Housing Services Division, or other divisions of the Department of Social Services, housing providers and DASH. No one on the panel will have been originally involved in the decision that you are appealing.

The panel will contact you and your housing provider/DASH to attend a hearing to review the decision.

For more information about appeals and the Regional Review Process, see Directive 2014-04 Regional Review Process.