Sign Recycling Program

Stack of signs

The Regional Municipality of Durham's Sign Recycling Program recycles all temporary signs made of corrugated plastic, plastic film and paperboard and supports keeping these materials out of landfill.

Acceptable Items

For Rent sign on a lawn

Waste Management Facilities

Signs may be dropped off at any of Durham Region's waste management facilities:

Loads containing only acceptable signs will be taken free of charge.

If loads of signs are delivered mixed with other waste materials, the regular disposal fee of $120 per 1,000 kgs will apply.

Facility staff will direct participants to a dedicated area where signs will be collected for recycling.

Election Sign drop off

How Are Signs Recycled?

Like many other plastics, film and corrugated plastic is all around us. This plastic resin takes hundreds of years to break down. Despite these challenges, innovative technologies have made recycling plastic sustainable.

The recycling process involves shredding plastic signs before the plastic is turned into pellets. The pellets are sold to manufacturers who make paint trays, totes, drainage pipe, and other products.

Plastic pellets