Attending Standing Committee or Council Meetings

Thinking of attending a standing committee meeting or a session of Durham Regional Council? Special seating is available for media representatives in both meetings.

All meetings are open to the media (and the public), with the exception of any in-camera (or closed) sessions that might occur during the course of these meetings.

Should an in-camera session occur, media will be required to take all of their belongings with them when leaving the room. Once this meeting rises from an in-camera meeting, media are welcome to return.

For a complete list of meetings, review the meetings calendar.

Receiving Media Materials

Any members of the media who wish to be added to The Regional Municipality of Durham media distribution list are asked to email or call the Corporate Communications Office at 905-668-7711.

Technical Requirements

Direct audio feeds are available in both Room LL-C (majority of standing committee meetings held in this room) and Council Chambers, which allow media to link to the sound system; obtaining a clear recording of the comments made by Regional Councillors during a given discussion.

Wireless Internet service is available for members of the media who attend standing committee or council meetings. Please note that this service must be set up a few days prior to the scheduled event. Please contact the Corporate Communications Office in advance of the meeting for assistance.

Media representatives who have additional special technical requirements are invited to contact the Corporate Communications Office in advance of the meeting for assistance.

Minutes and Agendas

Reporters and photographers, who would like to receive a copy of a Regional agenda prior to a committee or council meeting, may request a copy via the Corporate Communications Office, or by contacting the Clerk’s Department directly via email at or by phone at 905-668-7711 ext. 2054 (toll-free at 1-800-372-1102).

Questions Arising from a Committee or Council Meeting

Reporters who require follow up on a given topic are invited to contact the Corporate Communications Office for assistance in gathering the necessary information.