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Healthy Eating Online Resource Order Form

Durham Region Health Department is pleased to offer you free resources to help support healthy eating. Please indicate the type and quantity requested.

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Resources Available



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Vegetable and Fruit Resources

Together is Better! Eating Healthy as a Family magazine. Love Your Breakfast Edition!


(max 30)

Together is Better! Eating Healthy as a Family magazine. Special Fruit and Veggie Edition!


(max 30)

Vegetable and Fruit Recipes

A set of 5 different recipes

(max 30)

Food Skills Kit

How to make eating fruit and vegetables easy, affordable and enjoyable.

This kit includes:

  • guide to fruit and vegetables
  • quick and easy recipe cards

(max 1)

General Healthy Eating Resources

Plate-Scaping... A Fresh Take on a Balanced Meal

Learn how to eat healthier by deciding which foods are needed to make a balanced meal or snack

(max 30)

Pack Some Wow In Your Lunch

Learn more about making healthy snacks and lunches (all ages).

(max 30)

Take Small Steps to Healthier Eating (8½" x 11")

Eat together with friends and family as often as possible poster

(max 30)

Eat a healthy breakfast everyday poster

(max 30)

Drink water to satisfy your thirst poster

(max 30)

Eat one more fruit and vegetable each day poster

(max 30)

Small Steps to Healthier Eating Checklist

A resource with small changes you can start today to eat healthier (for adults).

(max 30)

Together is Better! Eating Healthy as a Family Magazine

Learn to eat healthy as a family.

(max 1)

How Do Fats Measure Up?

This pamphlet explains ‘healthy fats’ and ‘unhealthy fats’; how much fat you should consume; and helps you to make healthy choices for you and your family.

(max 30)

Your Menu for Healthy Eating Out

This pamphlet will give you practical tips and useful tools to help you make healthy choices while eating out.

(max 30)

Rethink Your Drink

This resource provides tips on making healthy drink choices.

(max 30)

Vegetable and Fruit Workplace Toolkit

This resource aims to encourage employees to eat more vegetables and fruit.

(max 1)

Vegetable and Fruit Workplace Toolkit Table Toppers

(max 3)

Sodium Resources

Small Steps to Reduce Your Sodium Posters (8½" x 11")

Get fresh when you can.

(max 30)

Give sodium the 'rinse'. Drain and rinse canned foods.

(max 30)

Use the nutrition facts table. Choose lower sodium foods.

(max 30)

Food Label Reading Made Easy

This resource will help you read labels on food packages and choose lower sodium options.

(max 30)

Where's the Salt?

This pamphlet will provide tips to reduce your salt intake.

(max 30)

Workplace Toolkit for Sodium Reduction

 This toolkit can be used to:

  • Increase knowledge and raise awareness about sodium reduction
  • Share ideas and tips on how to eat less salt


  • Small Steps to reduce your Sodium posters (set of 3)
  • Ready to use newsletter inserts and snack recipe
  • Messages for Emails or Paystubs
  • Link to Sodium IQ on-line Quiz
  • What’s in That Dish? Fast Food IQ Quiz

(max 1)

Educator Resources New

Bringing Healthy Eating to the Classroom

Bringing healthy eating to your classroom is easy when you have:

  • Ideas for lesson plans
  • Elementary and secondary school activities
  • A calendar filled with monthly healthy eating event ideas
(max 3)

Creating a Healthy School that Supports: Healthy Eating

Help your school create an environment supportive of healthy eating with this resource

(max 1)

We Are Learning to be Healthy! Classroom Poster Activity.

A ready-to-use, fun and interactive classroom activity

(max 3)

A Vegetable and Fruit Curriculum Resource (Grades JK - 8) * Online only

Make teaching healthy eating in all subjects easier with these ready-to-use vegetable and fruit classroom activities  

A Guide to School Gardens * Online only

Help plant the seed for healthier eating with this online resource that includes tips, strategies and information on how to get started with a school garden  
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