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Child Care and Children's Programs

Durham Behaviour Management Services

Who we serve

  • Parents and/or caregivers who are finding it difficult to manage and/or change a child's challenging behaviour.
  • Children ages two to 12 years of age with significant behaviour difficulties.
  • Children ages two to seven years of age with developmental disabilities.

What we do for parents

Individual behaviour consultation

Individualized behavioural consultation services are available to assist in problem solving specific behavioural concerns. This service for parents begins with an in-depth interview, in which behaviour concerns are discussed and available service options are outlined.

Intensive behaviour assessment and consultation

When a significant behavioural problem requires an intensive individualized program, a behavioural assessment is completed. From that assessment, recommendations are developed to assist you in implementing strategies to bring about changes in your child's challenging behaviour.

Group training programs

As a level of service to parents, we offer a number of parent workshops throughout the year. Presentations may include topics on:

  • Encouraging co-operation.
  • Understanding your child's behaviour.
  • Parenting your special needs child.

* Please contact the Durham Behaviour Management office for an up-to-date listing of the workshops being offered.

What we do for child-care providers

General consultation

We provide general consultation and recommendations to providers that are experiencing overall behavioural challenges in their centre.

Intensive behaviour assessment and consultation

For significant behaviour problems and with parental consent, a comprehensive assessment will be completed. From that assessment, an individualized program and recommendations will be developed to help the child-care provider address the behavioural concerns.

Group training programs

We offer a variety of training programs to child-care providers through the Durham Region Child Care Forum. In collaboration with community agencies, we provide presentations based on positive behaviour management, as well as general consultations to professionals regarding behavioural programming.