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Durham Region logoYork Region logoWhat and where is the
Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP)?

The Duffin Creek WPCP, jointly owned and operated by The Regional Municipalities of York and Durham, is a critical component of the York Durham Sewage System (YDSS) and is located in the City of Pickering on the shore of Lake Ontario.

York Region communities as far north as the Towns of Aurora and Newmarket, as far west as the City of Vaughan, and including the Towns of Richmond Hill and Markham and the neighbouring communities of Pickering and Ajax in Durham Region, are connected to the Duffin Creek WPCP.

The existing facility provides a high level of treatment to produce a clear effluent that meets very high standards set by the Province of Ontario. The York Durham Sewage System (YDSS) connects municipal sewers in both York and Durham Regions to the Duffin Creek WPCP.  The Duffin Creek WPCP serves the treatment needs of residents and industries located in York and Durham Regions.

Map of location of Duffin Creek WPCP
Location of the Duffin Creek WPCP

In 2006, to meet the identified future needs and the requirements to accommodate approved growth, York and Durham Regions completed a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) following the requirements of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, in order to expand the WPCP capacity to 630 million litres per day (MLD). The Stage 3 liquids upgrades were commissioned in the fall of 2010.