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Bulky White Polystyrene Recycling

PolystyreneThe Region of Durham accepts white expanded foam polystyrene cushion packaging at its Waste Management Facilities.

Commonly referred to as Styrofoam™, polystyrene is a non-biodegradable plastic resin frequently used as a protective product packaging for consumer goods.

The Region's polystyrene project will accept white expanded foam polystyrene cushion packaging only.  Residents are asked to remove all tape, labels, hard rigid plastics and other contaminants, and drop off this material at all Waste Management Facilities. A local Ajax company will collect the material from the Region and recycle it in their production of a fire-resistant commercial insulation products.

Unacceptable Items

Material not accepted in this project, includes:

  • Foam packaging used for food (such as meat trays and coffee cups)
  • Packing peanuts (loose packing material)
  • Rigid polystyrene material (such as clamshell containers).

The Waste Management Facilities are open Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Closed Sunday, Monday and holidays).  Dedicated loads are free for disposal.