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Retailer Take Back

Medication and Sharps

Medication Bottles The Health Products Stewardship Association administers the Ontario Medications Return Program (OMRP), allowing unused medication to be safely disposed of at participating local pharmacies. The Health Products Stewardship Association also administers the Ontario Sharps Collection Program (OSCP). To find out more about these programs you can visit

More than 90% of Ontario pharmacies voluntarily participate in this collection network. Visit and enter your postal code to find the six closest participating pharmacies in your community.

Bag it Back

Alcohol Bottles Bring your empty wine, beer and spirits containers to The Beer Store and claim a full refund of your deposit. For more information visit

Plastic Shopping Bags

This is a retailer managed program through which consumers will be able to return their unwanted plastic bags to participating retail stores for recycling into new bags or other products. Only stores in the Region of Durham with designated collection bins will take these bags. Ask your local retailer if they have a bin for your recycling convenience.

Plastic Bag Recycling. It's easy!

  • Simply turn bags inside out.
  • Remove all receipts and all other contents.
  • Stuff empty plastic bags into another bag.
  • Drop off your plastic bags at participating stores.

Why bring your own reusable bag?

Because it is something we can all do to make a positive impact on the environment. Keep bags handy wherever you go so that when you make a purchase, you can reuse your own bag.
Keep them in:

  • Your car, van or truck
  • Your purse or backpack
  • Your child's stroller