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Waste Management By-law


Durham Region's Waste Management By-law consolidates all of Durham Region’s residential waste management programs under one single regulation and provides a foundation for the Region to move forward with its goal of reusing, recycling or composting 70 per cent of the collected residential waste.

The Waste Management By-law was developed in consultation with area municipalities, the residents of The Regional Municipality of Durham and other stakeholders.  

The Waste Management By-law:

  • Defines the Region's waste management programs and acceptable levels of waste.
  • Sets service level standards for the collection of waste.
  • Outlines the operation of Regional waste management facilities.
  • Sets limits for the number of garbage bags that can be set out at the curb for pick up.
  • Outlines the Region’s roles and responsibilities for waste collection.
  • Outlines the roles and responsibilities of the contractors who collect the waste on behalf of the Region.
  • Outlines the role and responsibilities of Durham Region residents for waste collection.
  • Identifies special service provisions for waste collection for families with small children and families with special needs.

Education and Compliance

The Region of Durham offers residents a variety of waste diversion programs such as weekly Blue Box Recycling and Green bin Composting services, seasonal yard waste collection, special waste collection events as well as waste management facilities for dropping off acceptable waste items. By participating in the Region’s waste diversion programs, you are helping to reduce Durham Region’s dependency on disposal. Your efforts today will help preserve and protect our environment for tomorrow.

The Region’s By-law Compliance Officers help build awareness of the Waste Management By-law in the community and encourage compliance through education and outreach.

“Friendly Reminder” Notice

Friendly Door Reminder

If you have received a “Friendly Reminder" door hanger at your residence, please note the issue(s) with the set out of your waste, as indicated on the door hanger. Please take the actions required to bring your curbside waste into compliance. The notice will provide some tips but you can also refer to your waste collection calendar or browse through Durham Region’s website for additional guidance on how to properly set out residential waste.

If you have any questions about your “Friendly Reminder” notice, please contact the By-law Compliance Officer indicated on the notice or the Waste Management Call Centre.

Together, we can all make a difference.

Waste By-law Frequently Asked Questions