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Uxville Water Supply System - Municipal Groundwater Wells

The Uxbridge Industrial Park is serviced by the Uxville Water Supply System. The Uxville Water Supply consists of two (2) groundwater based municipal wells, designated as MW1 and MW2. The Uxbridge Industrial Park is located near the York-Durham regional boundary northeast of Stouffville, and is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM) just south of the crest of the moraine.

The WHPA for the Uxville Water Supply is approximately 1,750 metres from east to west, and extends approximately 2,700 metres to the north and is about 319 hectares in area. The capture zone extends north of Prouse Road and partially within the land designated for Phase 2 of the Uxbridge Industrial Park .

The 50-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 25-year capture zones have been delineated for Uxville wells field at their maximum permitted capacity.

What Did We Find?

Development within the WHPA is comprised of a small number of industries with a more significant percentage of the capture zone occupied by fallow and operational agricultural properties.

The new industrial lots are developed as moderate to low risk operations with respect to potential contaminant sources. Some Underground Storage Tanks (UST) are located in the industrial district. Operational properties include a lumber warehousing facility and a machine operation with a significant waste storage area onsite.

Vacant properties in the area appear to be used for illegal dumping of a variety of materials including general refuse, tires, oil and solvents. There was also some indication of significant solid waste dumping on the wooded lot at the northern extent of Paisley Lane.

All operators and landowners whose lands are within the WHPA need to incorporate Wellhead Protection strategies into site operations and aggressively apply Best Management Practices.

The types of contaminants associated with industries and farming operations are monitored at the municipal wells based on the current drinking water standard requirements.