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Durham Region makes up the eastern side of the Greater Toronto Area.  With a rich business history leading industry transformation and energy innovation, investors are able to tap into a diverse business ecosystem and a talent pipeline with the agility to meet today’s business demands. Durham Region offers prime access to Canada's largest consumer market of more than five million people, and 135 million more American and Canadian consumers.

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Durham's Labour Force:


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Key Sectors

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  • Energy, Environment and Engineering

    The region produces about 30 percent of Ontario's electricity and is a recognized energy cluster with two nuclear generating stations. Out of the 22 Canada Deuterium Uranium (CANDU) reactors in the country, there are 12 in Durham Region with a combined generating capacity of approximately 6,600 megawatts.

  • Innovative Technology

    Durham Region has an emerging technology cluster that includes several of Canada's fastest growing technology companies. Local business leaders come together to drive innovation, growth, productivity and further develop the workforce for the technology sector.

  • Agri-Business

    Durham Region's agricultural sector is one of the largest primary goods-producing sectors in the region. Production includes: beef cattle; dairy cattle; hog and pig; poultry and egg; sheep and goat; oilseed and grain; vegetable and fruit; and greenhouse, nursery and floriculture. Our livestock breeders are world-renowned for their quality genetics.

  • Life Sciences

    Durham Region has established itself as an emerging hub for life and biosciences and is well-positioned for growth, with an educated workforce, new and developing programs, and leading research at local universities and institutions.

  • Manufacturing

    Durham Region has long been a centre of manufacturing excellence in Canada, with particular strengths in the automotive, aerospace and automation sectors. Durham's manufacturers have moved to the adoption of increasingly sophisticated methods, technologies and structures for developing and delivering their products to market.

  • Film and Television

    Durham Region plays an important role in all aspects of Ontario's film, television and digital media industry due to the region's proximity to Toronto's production studios, and Durham's film industry workforce which supports businesses and film locations.

  • Tourism

    Durham is brimming with attractions and activities to enjoy year-round, and is proud to be recognized as a four-season destination. From maple syrup festivals in the spring; and live music events in the summer; to apple picking in the fall; and heart-pumping outdoor sports in the winter, you're sure to find an authentic adventure the whole family will love—right here in Durham Region.


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  • Ajax

    Located along the Greater Toronto Area’s longest, publicly owned shorelines of Lake Ontario, the Town of Ajax has focused on removing many of the barriers often found when locating or expanding a business. With an innovation district in development and a thriving logistics industry, Ajax is a prime location for access to market and business development opportunities.


  • Brock

    Nestled on the east shores of Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn Waterway—and only a one-hour drive from Toronto—the Township of Brock offers beautiful rolling countryside, shoreline parks, numerous hamlets, and three distinct villages. While agriculture is Brock’s largest employer, a full range of commercial and industrial businesses are located within the urban areas of Beaverton, Cannington, and Sunderland.

  • Clarington

    The Municipality of Clarington is the most eastern lakeshore municipality in Durham Region, and is made up of four major urban centres (Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle and Orono) and 15 hamlets. With economic strengths in agriculture, tourism, retail, energy life/health science and manufacturing, residents enjoy waterfront trails alongside Lake Ontario, Greenbelt protected farmlands, and the natural beauty of the Oak Ridges Moraine. With a population of over 95 thousand people and growing, Clarington offers residents a blend of city living and rural charm.

  • Oshawa

    The largest municipality within Durham Region (by population), the City of Oshawa is located east of Whitby; about 60 kilometres from downtown Toronto. With historic roots in the manufacturing sector, Oshawa is now an education and health sciences hub. The city is home to three post-secondary institutions, and downtown Oshawa is identified as an Urban Growth Centre in the Government of Ontario's Places to Grow initiative.

  • Pickering

    Situated along the western edge of Durham Region, the City of Pickering borders the City of Toronto, the Town of Markham, and Rouge Urban National Park. It also houses the shoreline of beautiful Lake Ontario. With an emerging modern downtown and exciting opportunities for growth in the northern areas of the city, Pickering is saturated with natural beauty and small-town charm, alongside modern amenities and conveniences.

  • Scugog

    Located on the shores of Lake Scugog, the Township of Scugog is a vibrant rural retreat with classic small-town charm. The Township of Scugog provides opportunities for businesses and employers to flourish professionally, while establishing a quality of life through a four-seasons lifestyle offering: access to Lake Scugog, historic downtown Port Perry, and a world-class local health-care system.

  • Uxbridge

    Officially known as the Trail Capital of Canada, the Township of Uxbridge is nestled in the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Greenbelt; surrounded by prime agricultural lands. The township is home to diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, professional services and advanced manufacturing; with a thriving agri-tourism industry. The Township of Uxbridge has much to offer in terms of work-life balance. Its respect for heritage, quality restaurants, flourishing arts community and beautiful surrounding landscapes make this cohesive, caring community an ideal location for families and nature enthusiasts of all sorts.

  • Whitby

    The Town of Whitby is located at the heart of Durham Region, on the north shore of Lake Ontario. A growing innovation district is in downtown Whitby. And, as one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, Whitby is committed to enhancing and developing its infrastructure, facilities and services to promote sustainable economic growth.