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Want to Quit?

Get Ready
  • Strange as it sounds, it takes practice to be a smoker.  You probably had a hard time inhaling when you started, but you learned how to smoke… and you can learn how to quit.  It might take you a few tries – don’t give up! 
  • Make a list of why you’re quitting.  Keep copies of your list where you keep your cigarettes (jacket, pocket, car, purse, etc) and read the list before you light up.
  • Make small changes - if you always smoke in the house, try going outside. If you’re used to having a cigarette with a cup of coffee, try waiting until after your coffee or changing your drink. 
  • Make your home and car smoke-free... it is a great first step to quitting!
  • Learn about methods that can help you quit.  Decide on a quit plan and find support that works for you.  Check out quit tips to learn how to cope with cravings.